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    Here is my first car, the Kyosho Baja Beetle. Now discontinued, it was a great little car for begginers to gas R/C back in the day since it isn't too fast and it has reverse. It does however need quite a bit more maintenance that the RC10GT due to the number of parts in the drive train. If you really like R/C cars this isn't really much of a problem. I didn't find it to be. It is also a good learning experience! Just be sure to use thread-lock on all metal to metal screws or your drive train will fall apart.
    You may note that the front bumper is clearly not stock. The stock bumper kept on breaking whenever it even hit anything. I made a replacement bumper using some Steeltech pieces and wood screws. Much more durable!
    Unfortunately I haven't run this car in years. I need to replace the engine, but have never gotten around to doing that. One of the biggest things setting me back on that is finding the proper mount to make an O.S. .12 fit in it with the 2-speed tranny. I'm not gonna spend money on an engine if it won't fit.

    This is my brothers RC10B3. This is an excellent buggy. It handles very well and is as tough as nails. As this is the car my brother learned to drive on, it has been through a lot. Despite this only two parts have ever really broken on it. The first part is the body. The paint is chipped and a fin is missing on the wing with the other fin ready to follow. The other part to break was the steering block. It's suprising that this only happened once after all the midair crashes with trees on my track, running around on playground equipment and landing hard on metal poles, just plain flipping around on just about every surface there is, and running into things single front wheel only. If you don't have the nerve to try gas, get an RC10B3. Believe me this car will take just about anything.
    This is my Kyosho Inferno MP-6 1/8th scale 4WD gas off-road buggy. Now well outdated, it is still an excellent machine that I do enjoy even today. If you've wanted to get into 1/8th buggies, but thought it was too expensive, don't let that set you back. The extra money is worth it. For a gas R/C vehicle these things are extremely durable which mean you'll be replacing parts a lot less. The bigger engines are very reliable and easy to get up and running which means less headaches for you. Also, because of the bigger engines, these buggies are fast! They'll easily out jump your 1/10th scale and handle much better as well. The fun factor on them is huge and is worth the money alone! Don't let cost stop you from getting one if your considering it. Once you get it up and running you be happy you spent the dough.